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Premium Seaweed Biofertilizers

Bithleas Feamnaí den Scoth
Eco-friendly, Sustainable, and Effective Biofertilizers

Honouring Tradition, Nurturing Nature

Rooted in family heritage, we uphold age-old harvesting techniques, handpicking ‘Ascophyllum Nodosum’ with care, safeguarding both tradition and marine ecosystems.

organic liquid seafood Biofertilizer

The Complete Nutrition Package

We use only the highest quality raw materials when formulating our products. The seaweed, “Ascophyllum Nodosum”, that we use is hand harvested in the clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean by experienced local cutters using a traditional technique. We adhere to a careful rotation and selection policy in our harvesting areas thus allowing strict sustainable management of our seaweed stocks.
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Organic Liquid Seaweed Biofertilizers

Sustainably nourish your plants with our innovative range of soil enhancers and plant feeds that harness the natural power of seaweed.
Aerial view of green grass at golf course


Perfect for golf courses and sporting fields. This line of seaweed extract helps improve the soil structure, porosity, and water holding capability that not only improves soil health, but has shown to improve the quality of turf by increasing root and shoot growth.
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farmer spraying fertiliser on his crops


Perfect for commercial growers. Our crops product line of biofertilizers include magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron. They show great improvements measured in potatoes, sweet corn, tomatoes, strawberries, grasslands, and more.
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colourful spring garden flowers near a pond


Perfect for domestic gardens. Our garden product line of seaweed extract biofertilizers are especially useful in organic gardening. They contain almost every micro-nutrient in a fully chelated (immediately available) form and are full of carbohydrates, which plants use as a building block.
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Who Benefits from Our Products?

Our premium seaweed biofertilizers cater to eco-conscious growers, farmers, gardeners, and enthusiasts seeking sustainable and effective plant nourishment solutions.

Benefits Of Our Products

Enhanced Blooming

When applied during budding, liquid seaweed fosters additional buds, encouraging fuller and more vibrant blooms in plants and flowers.


Our farming methods at Donegal Seaweed prioritise sustainability, hand-harvesting 'Ascophyllum Nodosum' in the Atlantic Ocean using eco-conscious practices.


The nutrient richness in our seaweed stems from purely organic sources, ensuring natural and environmentally friendly plant nourishment.

Improved Seed Growth

Treating seeds with liquid seaweed enhances germination, root growth, and early seedling vigour - resulting in healthier and stronger plants from the start.

Nutrient-Rich Pastures

Application to pasture crops boosts nutrient uptake, elevates protein content, and enhances overall crop quality, promoting healthier forage.

Robust Plant Defense

Liquid seaweed as a soil treatment cultivates disease-resistant, stronger, and healthier plants, augmenting their natural defences against pests and diseases.
  • I’ve been a long-time user of Ascoboost Seaweed ‘Ascophyllum Nodosum’ in California or as I’ve always referred to it “Green Gold”. It is not only one of the best organic-green-based materials on the market, but the best product that has helped us over the last 12 months to establish rooting and grow-in of the newly renovated Montecito Country Club. Foliar spraying weekly this material provides the nutrients and stress relief for our Bermuda base and bentgrass greens. When it comes to maintaining “finer grasses” I rely heavily on Ascoboost Seaweed as one of our main tools in providing one of the best playing surfaces around.

    Tennessee McBroom

    Montecito Country Club
  • AscoBoost from Donegal Seaweed is a product I have had in my arsenal for quite some time. When you think about the growing environment of the species that Donegal Seaweed uses, it just makes sense. It is the ultimate micro-nutrient and anti-stress package for fine turf. AscoBoost helps my putting surfaces reach that Zen level and it is the first sports drink my greens reach for when they need a boost.

    Earl Kennel

    Golf Course Superintendent Champions Club at the Retreat
  • After our first year of using ASCOBOOST as our seaweed extract, we noticed many advantages compared to other brands. Although this was a historically dry year, were able to maintain excellent playing conditions in large part due to the drought tolerance and overall plant health benefits. Spraying seaweed extracts has caused problems with our sprayers due to the buildup over time in the lines and the tank, but this was the first year we did not have any issues. Combine that with the quality pricing, great service and fast delivery, and we couldn't be happier with this product.

    Ryan Scotto

    Miacomet Golf Club, Nantucket
  • "We have worked with Donegal Seaweed for 3 years now, achieving great results, using this natural product Seahydra, an absolutely brilliant product with great customer support and advice always. Highly recommend this product to anyone who wants results without chemicals"

    Mairead Nic an Iomaire

    Cill Ulta

Our Promise To You

Organic Liquid Seaweed Biofertilizer

The Power of Sustainable Growth.

Discover the power of sustainable growth that our organic seaweed products provide. Nurture your plants with nature's finest and responsibly sourced seaweed fertilisers from the Atlantic Ocean.
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