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Seahydra (20ℓ – 1000ℓ)

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Main Features

Seahydra was developed especially for crops, the formulation is designed specifically as a slow release biofertilizer to allow the plant to absorb all nutrients and improve soil health.

  • Provides a wide range of nutrients to the plant at all stages of development.
  • Maximises support of the plant metabolism during the critical phenological stages.
  • Stimulates maximum efficiency of nutrients translocation through Alginates which are natural carriers for nutrients through the cell membranes.
  • Increases water movement through the soil, which improves soil condition, bacterial and fungi activity.
  • As a slow release biofertilizer, it allows the plants to absorb all the nutrients without fertilizer burn or over application.
  • High stability, solubility, and excellent tank-mix compatibility.
  • Safe, eco-friendly, and sustainable.
Product Content
  • High in bioactive substances – Mannitol, Laminarans, Fucoidans and Uronic Acids.
  • Trace elements contained in Seahdyra – Nitrogen, Zinc, Potassium .
  • The algae contain carbohydrates, which plants use as a building block.
  • Low Sodium Levels – Na Content (<0.5%)
  • 100% Ascophyllum Nosodum
  • Acid pH is maintained at (pH 4.5 ± 0.5)
  • Natural Green/Brown Colour
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More Information

Seahydra was meticulously developed to cater to the unique needs of crops. Its formulation is specifically designed as a slow release biofertilizer, allowing plants to absorb essential nutrients gradually while simultaneously improving soil health.

Seahydra provides a wide spectrum of nutrients throughout all stages of plant development. From seedling to maturity, it ensures that plants receive the necessary elements for optimal growth. During crucial phenological stages (such as flowering and fruiting), Seahydra maximises support for plant metabolism. This support translates into healthier and more productive crops.

The slow-release mechanism of Seahydra is a key feature. By gradually releasing nutrients, it prevents fertiliser burn or over-application. Plants can absorb all the essential elements without any adverse effects. Additionally, Seahydra stimulates efficient nutrient movement through natural carriers called Alginates. These Alginates facilitate nutrient absorption across cell membranes, ensuring that nutrients reach where they are needed most.

Beyond its impact on plants, Seahydra also contributes to soil health. It enhances water movement within the soil, promoting bacterial and fungal activity. As a result, soil conditions improve, leading to better overall plant growth. The biofertilizer’s stability, solubility, and compatibility make it an excellent choice for farmers seeking sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

Seahydra contains a rich blend of bioactive substances, including Mannitol, Laminarans, Fucoidans, and Uronic Acids. These compounds play essential roles in plant health and resilience. Additionally, Seahydra provides trace elements such as Nitrogen, Zinc, and Potassium, supporting various physiological processes.

The carbohydrates derived from algae serve as building blocks for plant growth. These natural components contribute to the overall vitality of crops. Importantly, Seahydra maintains low sodium levels (less than 0.5%), ensuring that it does not adversely affect soil salinity.

Seahydra consists exclusively of Ascophyllum Nosodum, a specific seaweed species known for its beneficial properties. Its acid pH level (pH 4.5 ± 0.5) further enhances nutrient availability. The natural green/brown colour reflects its organic origin and commitment to sustainable agriculture.

In summary, Seahydra stands as a safe, effective, and environmentally conscious choice for farmers seeking to optimise crop yield and soil health.

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