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About Donegal Seaweed

beach in donegal covered in seaweeda beach in ireland covered in seaweeddonegal beach covered in ascophyllum seaweed
We are a family-run business Located Donegal in the North West of Ireland.

Founded with the promise of developing and marketing the highest quality seaweed biofertilizer products available anywhere in the world.

We use only the highest quality raw materials when formulating our products. The seaweed, “Ascophyllum Nodosum”, that we use is hand-harvested in the clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean by experienced local cutters using traditional techniques. We adhere to a careful rotation and selection policy in our harvesting areas thus allowing strict sustainable management of our seaweed stocks.

In this way, we can protect the marine environment for future generations. It is of the utmost importance to our company that we diligently and rigorously maintain a positive sustainability and traceability program.
We're committed to safeguarding marine life, and providing eco-friendly seaweed biofertilizers to nurture the Earth sustainably for future generations.

Our Guarantee To You

Cultivate with care

Organic Seaweed Products

Choose our organic seaweed products and nourish your plants sustainably with our innovative range of soil enhancers and plant feeds, harnessing the natural power of seaweed.
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