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Our First Blog Post – Spring Is in the Air

a garden of wildflowers in ireland
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It is time to dust off the winter blues and head out into the fresh air. Whether you have a garden, patio, or balcony, it is time to do some planting.

two spring lambs in a field

Welcome to Donegal Seaweed’s First Blog Post

We want to use this space to connect with you our new readers and potential customers in a way that is current and interesting. Think of this blog as an ongoing conversation where we can share updates about our business, trends, news and more.

We will do our best to post loads of engaging content. We have received great feedback about Donegal Seaweed products over the years, so we think it is time to share our knowledge and our customers tips and secrets with you all.

We will invite a new guest often to share their agriculture & horticulture knowledge with you, so be sure to keep checking in with us and we all might learn something new and interesting. As our blog posts grow, we will organise the blog with categories that will allow you to explore more of what interests you in particular.

But first, discover a bit more about us by watching the video below:

If you like the jingle music on our Ad above then you can find the original song below. So thankful to Faraway Martin for editing his wonderful song – “I Wanna Go” to suit our business needs.    

Our First Guest Interview – Helga Letschert

What are your top 3 gardening tips for March/April?

  1. Remove old growths from last year. Weed around plants and top up with compost to give plants a boost.
  2. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have a big goal that seems far away. This can also lead to procrastination. Try breaking your big goals down into smaller tasks to stay motivated.
  3. When you work around your plants take notice what comes again and what has disappeared. Then you can think about new plants or splitting old ones to fill up gaps in your borders.

What is your favourite flower to grow from seed?

I am very fond of Nasturtiums. Put seed in soil in April and you will have wonderful flowers from August onwards. Not for wet soil though.

What is your favourite fruit or vegetable to grow?

I have given up veggies, but in my experience, peas are most rewarding and easy.  I grew them in lines and let them scramble up chicken wire. My peas hardly ever reached the kitchen they were eaten on the spot as a snack.

I wish to thank my friend Helga Letschert for sharing her knowledge with us, looking forward to seeing your wildflower garden in full bloom once again.

March Challenge for Beginners – Grow Your Own Peas

person holding freshly picked green peas in their hands

Recommended varieties; (Sugar Snap, Garden, Mangetout).

Site & Soil Type:

  • Peas need only average soil fertility.
  • They will succeed in almost any soil that is well-drained
  • Plant peas in full sun.

Planting Requirements:

  • Plant early in spring when soil is suitable. Peas grow best at 60-75 degrees. Do not transplant.
  • Plant seeds two inches apart and 1-1 ½ inch deep. Bush types should be thinned out to 8-12 inches apart.
  • Thinning is not necessary for climbing types. Put 18-24” between rows.

Nutrition/Fertilizer needs:

Fertilize lightly with Garden Force, peas absorb their supply of nitrogen from the air after germination. Garden Force can be used as an inoculant to your soil if you’re planting in an area that has never grown legumes before. A soil inoculant uses beneficial microbes to form symbiotic relationships with the target crops to promote plant health and increase yields.

For the best yield, ensure abundant phosphorus with a light amount of bone meal.

Water Needs:

  • Peas do not need as much water as other crops. Do not overwater.
  • Mulching roots retains moisture.
  • Ground watering may reduce Autumn outbreaks of powdery mildew.

More Tips:

  • Peas improve soil fertility and physical condition of the soil. They add nitrogen.
  • With early plantings, use a high-quality row cover for warmth and more vibrant growth, choose one that allows a high percentage of light transmission.
  • Lay the horticultural fleece loosely over plants leaving room for plants to grow. Anchor with rocks and/or dirt. No hoops or support needed.
  • Oregon Giant snow peas are a winner in the garden. They produce a crop in the spring, take a hiatus in the summer, and produce a second smaller crop in the fall; all this from a single planting.
  • Sugar Snap peas are a sweet delicious edible pod pea. You will love growing these.
  • Both Sugar Snap and Oregon Giant are very resistant to powdery mildew.

The Future of Farming: Could Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer Be the Answer?

THE EAT Lancet study published 2019 outlines how major changes in food consumption, notably less meat and dairy are needed to stop climate breakdown and feed a growing population. Our world is changing, and we want to be a part of it, helping farmers and gardeners all over the world to organically feed their crops and plants.


Our Organic Fertiliser

Hi, my name is Bridget, I am one tiny cog in the wheel of this family business. Our aim is to have a self-sufficient business making use of our local natural environment and to bring employment to our village. Social media forums are new to us, so bear with me. We have a seaweed growing on our coastline here in the Northwest of Ireland, and for generations the local people have used it to improve their crop yield as they had little else in the choice of food. Today we have too many choices and such high demands have encouraged the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

a tractor collecting seaweed from a beach in donegal

Organic fertilizers such as our range of fertilisers are naturally produced Seaweed that has been used as fertilizer on the west coast of Ireland since at least the 13th century.

three bottles of seaweed fertilisers

For all you gardeners out there: this is like a Dom Perignon for your plants. It is a high-end organic seaweed fertilizer praised by top agronomists and boy will your plants just love it. Helga is my neighbour and gardening tutor, some years ago we gave her Garden Force to try. She could not praise it highly enough and she knows all there is to know about gardening believe you me. This is a picture of her beautiful wildflower garden, isn’t it wonderful.

a wildflower spring garden

Helga’s Wildflower Garden

If you like the jingle music on our Ad at the top of the page; find the original song below. So thankful to Faraway Martin for editing his wonderful song – “I Wanna Go” to suit our business needs.


Thanks for stopping by folks, hope to see you back next week, take care out there. Happy St.Patrick’s Day from all the staff at Donegal Seaweed.





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