Liquid Fertilizer

plant fertilizer

Garden Force liquid fertilizer helps to bind soil crumbs together, and it contains all soil nutrients (0.3% N, 0.1% P, 1.0% K, plus a full range of trace elements) and amino acids. Concentrated seaweed liquid extract foliar feeding or root zone applications through drip lines are possible with soluble extracts.

Garden Force is a great addition of fertilizer to irrigation water, a process called fertigation, now widely used in industrial crops.

Garden Force liquid Fertilizer is made from an organic sea plant Ascophyllum Nodosum using a cold extraction process. The resulting garden fertilizer stimulates microorganisms to improve the structure of the soil and plant health.

Our Seaweed liquid fertilizer enhances the natural sugars in plant leaves, helping them grow stronger even in dry or excessive heat conditions. This is vital to reduce the abiotic stress on living organisms.

Our Seaweed liquid fertilizer can be used to feed many varieties such as fruit trees, vegetables, flowering indoor and outdoor house plants. The continuous use of our product’s have reported significant results especially in reducing abiotic stress. Donegal Seaweed’s Garden Force is a 100% water-soluble fertilizer which can also be used in hydroponics.

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