Benefits of Liquid Seaweed in the Garden

Benefits of Liquid Seaweed in the Garden

 Garden Force is the organic feed that your lawn and plants deserve. However, not all fertilizer feeds are created equal but Garden Force liquid seaweed fertilizer surpasses the performance of your traditional animal manure feed.

Our Liquid seaweed is quickly gaining popularity among organic gardeners as a highly efficient fertilizer. This liquid form is readily available, affordable, easy to use, and sustainable.

Sustainable Fertilizer Liquid seaweed fertilizer is 100 percent organic and comes from a sustainable source that can be harvested without damaging the environment. What’s In It? Liquid seaweed fertilizer, like Garden Force, contains complete nutrition for vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, shrubs, and lawns. Vitamins, minerals, growth-producing enzymes and hormones, micro-nutrients, and trace elements like magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, and nitrogen, are in liquid seaweed fertilizer, all of which are essential for healthy plant growth.

In the pristine waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, Ascophyllum Nodosum is exposed to extreme weather conditions and is capable of thriving in very high as well as sub-zero temperatures. Ascophyllum Nodosum has adapted to live in the intertidal zone by evolving its biochemical compounds to overcome severe abiotic stress. Improves Soil Structure Organic gardeners know the importance of good soil structure that will promote plant health and production. Soil must be fertile and loose so plants can receive nutrition, oxygen, and moisture. Loose soil also promotes the growth of a beneficial bio-diverse sub-culture under plant roots that help keep soil fertile. Liquid seaweed fertilizer improves soil fertility, helps prevent compaction, and promotes moisture retention while improving drainage of excess water. More Buds, Longer Production Liquid seaweed fertilizer helps plants produce more buds when it’s applied to soil just as the plants or trees are beginning to bud. More buds on vegetable plants, fruiting trees or plants means an increased harvest. Plant production can also be extended on plants that produce throughout the summer when Garden Force is applied regularly. Extends Shelf Life When liquid seaweed is used before harvesting food or flowers, the shelf life of the produce or cut flowers will be extended. It’s recommended to apply liquid seaweed to soil 10 days before harvesting garden vegetables or fruits to give them an extended shelf life. This is an ideal usage for a large harvest that will take a few days to process and preserve. Cut flowers will last longer if they are lightly sprayed with liquid seaweed the day before they are harvested. Use as a Rooting Hormone Liquid seaweed can be used instead of powder-type rooting hormones for plants. Fill a small container with Garden Force and place cutting in it until a new roots system develops. Soaking bare-root plants in liquid seaweed overnight before planting will also reduce the transplant shock and enable the plant to start growing new roots sooner. The liquid product will also speed up the germination process of seeds. Soak seeds overnight before planting for faster germination and stronger root system. Safe For Everyone and Everything Liquid seaweed fertilizer is a 100 percent product that is safe for everyone and everything. It’s safe to use around children and pets, safe for all pollinators, and safe for the environment. Fresh fruits and produce can be picked and eaten right off the plant without worry. As the liquid seaweed finds its’ way through the soil and into the nearest water source, no harm will be done to the environment.

Garden Force liquid seaweed extract is a safe, Eco-friendly, sustainable, and effective garden fertilizer

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